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Parmeshwari ShriRadha Devi

Writing about Goddess is the pleasure for me. And when Goddess is Radha is then writing is the festival for myself.

This Website is dedicately collection of my articles / poems/ drawing for my beloved Goddess ShriRadha..💛 

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या देवी सर्वभुतेषु बुद्धिरूपेण संस्थिता ।  नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः ॥

Why Radha ?

Actually simple and streight forward answer is I don’t know why I am devotes towards Goddess ShriRadha. Might be it’s her choice , cause I think humans are not so I intellect and powerful to choose their Gods & Goddess..

“ तडित्–सुवर्ण–चम्पक –प्रदीप्त–गौर–विग्रहे
मुख–प्रभा–परास्त–कोटि–शारदेन्दुमण्डले । ”

Types Of Articles..

I divided blog posts in to 3 major parts as drawing, poems and blog articles. Where my thoughts are randomly talking about Goddess. Most of them are self talks. Or sometimes I assumed to be talking with Goddess ShriRadha..


I am not good artist , but sometimes I can’t stop myself from drawing , in that case sometimes I express my emotions thought drawing, cause many times I found words are not that much expressive for my thinking and emotions.

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Articles, Stories & Thinking

This section is collection of my random thoughts n SHriRadha rani, sometimes I have too much to speak or express and I not have anyone in the world to talk or speak those things. Cause everyone have their own worlds , and not everyone is interested , so to express I dive in to blog article section and write there.

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Poems on Shri Radha is also a very creative and interesting thing. 

Again I am not artist so those poems are not as expected as correct with grammar , it just another way to express my feelings towards Goddess Radha Rani.

No CopyRight

I have collected some Images of Goddess Radha from internet. and integrate them with my articles and poems. I personally not take ownership of those material and I not claim of copyright for that. I you are finding some issue with it , you can contact me with contacts given in contact page of this website.

My source of media is as follows.

Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular Story format. I have made some webstories on ShriRadha Rani.

Goddess ShriRadha

गृहे राधा वने राधा राधा पृष्ठे पुरः स्थिता ।

यत्र यत्र स्थिता राधा राधैवाराध्यते मया ||

जिह्वा राधा श्रुतौ राधा राधा नेत्रे हृदि स्थिता ।

From : श्रीराधा स्तोत्र || Shri Radha Stotram

त्रिविध तापयुत संसृति नाशिनि,

विमल विवेकविराग विकासिनि ।

पावन प्रभु पद प्रीति प्रकाशिनि,

सुन्दरतम छवि सुन्दरता की ॥

From : श्री राधा: आरती श्री वृषभानुसुता की (Shri Radha Ji: Aarti Shri Vrashbhanusuta Ki)




व्रजेन्द्र–भानु–नन्दिनि व्रजेन्द्र–सूनु–संगते
कदा करिष्यसीह मां ,

कृपाकटाक्ष–भाजनम् ॥१॥ 

From : श्री राधा कृपा कटाक्ष स्त्रोत्र (Shri Radha Kriya Kataksh Stotram)

Image Gallary

In last decade I have started collecting Images of ShriRadha Rani from the Internet And I make a gallary for that. You can see all those images in gallary form ont his website.